About Me

My name is Ian Mountain and I am a freelance figure sculptor and digital modeller based in the North-east of England.

I have been sculpting traditionally for eighteen years and in that time I have worked for many companies as well as individuals. I have an extensive back catalogue of sculpts, some of which you can see on this site.

I use an epoxy putty, generally known as green stuff or Kneadatite, for the majority of my work. The figures are usually made with a wire frame dollie which is bulked out and posed before the finishing details are added. The putty takes a short while to firm up and is fully cured in twenty four hours. Once cured it is suitable to be moulded in a silicon mould at high temperatures for metal casting.

Previously to going freelance I have worked for Forbidden Planet International as a retail manager. Before that I worked for Games Workshop as a retail manager in various stores throughout the North-East UK and Nottingham. It was while working in Nottingham at GW's HQ that I was introduced to sculpting with green stuff.

Digital sculpting

This last year or so I have been teaching myself how to use Zbrush.

It's a great program to use and is constantly been improved upon. It's recognised as an industry standard now, used by many companies including Disney, Gentle Giant and Weta Workshops to name a few. The learning curve is steep but once you get the hang of it it's great.

Recently I have had a couple of my digital models printed and they look great.

I still find it amazing that you can model something on a computer and then have it printed out. With the advances in recent technology printers have become increasingly cheaper as well as much better at printing the finer detail. There will most likely come a day where they will be common items to have in the home.

My Equipment

These are the tools that I use most of the time for traditional sculpting.

The first and main sculpting tool is the was carver #5, it's a very versatile tool and I do most of the sculpting and detailing with this. The second tool is a clay shaper which is great for sculpting creases into clothing and for smoothing the putty. The final tool is a trusty Swan Morton scalpel which can be used to trim excess as well as scrape smooth the surface.

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